Helping Your Parents with Letting Go


Helping Your Parents with Letting Go

Have you tried telling your parents that it’s time to declutter and to let go of some of things? How did that go? It’s usually a difficult conversation because no one wants to be told to downsize. And sorting through a life-long collection of belongings is hard work. But I know you love your parents and want to help them. Whether you’re standing by their side as they sort, or you’re offering some advice on their decisions, it can be an anxiety-inducing and emotionally draining experience. So, I have a few tips I want to share with you.  


It Has Sentimental Value

            While it is okay to save things with sentimental value, it’s also okay to let them go. There is a little guilt that comes along with sentimental items, the feeling that we must hold on to things that span time. It’s important for your parents to know that they don’t have to feel bad about getting rid of things. They might need to hear that they have permission to let things go, such as family heirlooms and your childhood artwork they’ve been holding on to for you. Sorting through special things can be tough but passing them along can be so rewarding.


A Lifetime of Collections

            We are all collectors, of something, at every age. Your parents have been growing and curating their belongings, surrounding themselves with the things they love. So, having to minimize is a tough one. Instead of ‘getting rid of’ these items, use a ‘less of’ approach. Give them lots of time to select the most special 3 (or 5) pieces in their collection that they will keep.


We Might Need It Later

            Probably not. And when the time comes, will we be able to find it or even remember we have it? It doesn’t matter, because hanging on to things ‘just in case’ feels better. You can help your parents learn to live with less with a few organizing tips. First is to group like items, to eliminate duplicates scattered around the house. Then, sort areas by separating items used daily versus occasionally so they can find what they need when they need it. You’ll be surprised by how many extras you find of those ‘just in case’ items.

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Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

tips for empty nestersHave you and your spouse just become an Empty Nesters? If your kiddo has left for school or they’ve recently moved out, you are certainly feeling the mixed emotions that come along with this major life event. It’s a bittersweet moment, however, can also become one of empowerment. Your home is ready for a transition, so seize this moment to transform your life! Here are a few tips to help reclaim your space and reinvent yourself along the way:

Your Home Should Fit Your Lifestyle

Until now your home life has revolved around raising a family. So, don’t feel guilty when considering the lifestyle you want in the years ahead. If your home does not support who you want to become, you have permission to change it.

Reclaim Your Space

As an Empty Nester you’ve just been given back square footage of your home. Take ownership by giving this space a new intention! Let your lifestyle be your inspiration…. Such as, that craft room you always wanted, the mancave he’s talked about for years, or maybe an exercise room that would eliminate the monthly gym expense.

Letting Go

You’ve collected, accumulated and been given a lot of stuff over the years. And now you’ve become keeper of things the kids left behind. If your home is overwhelmed with things that do not support your lifestyle, it’s time to lighten your load. Living with less will allow for more freedom in your life to do what you enjoy and to fully appreciate what you have.

Sorting Stuff

Sorting through belongings is overwhelming. But, the relief that you’ll feel after the space is cleared will be well worth your effort. To move swiftly through your sort, make decisions quickly. If you linger on an item, keep it for further evaluation and move on. You’ll get another look when you’re moving the sorted items onward to their final destination.

Moving It Forward

Removing the ‘get rid of’ pile from your home can be a daunting task as well. Give yourself a limited time frame to have everything out of your home so you don’t keep pushing it off. Consider a charity with donation pick up to make it easier for you. For heirlooms that family members aren’t interested in, consider transforming it with a furniture makeover!

Get Help From A Professional

Don’t be afraid to call a professional to help you get started. An outsider’s perspective will give you clarity and keep you motivated to get your project completed.

Becoming an Empty Nester is the time to be empowered and create the lifestyle you want. Another Opinion will help you reclaim spaces in your home and find relief from overwhelming stuff. Contact Staci to start transforming your life!