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Interior Design

Make Confident Design Decisions

Need Another Opinion?

UPDATING a room?


Wondering how much money your ideas will cost?

Need help getting started on your project?

Another Opinion can:

  • Validate your selections before you spend YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY
  • Research and Identify options that give you BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK
  • Guide you through PLANNING and IMPLEMENTING a project
  • Shop for you and with you for the FURNISHINGS to fulfill your design

Emphasis on

  • Repurposing your existing furnishings
  • Comprehensive design, coordinate your current project with the big picture design of your home
  • Creating your vision and bring it to life, make it a journey


  • Save money and time
  • Well thought out plan and design
  • Feel good with decisions, inspired and have fun

There are a number of ways we can work together, whether it is a one time walk through where we talk and I give you advice, or we work on one room together or we take on the entire house, there are multiple options to suit your specific situation. Call us today!