START NOW – Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Visitors

Get Your Home Ready for Holiday VisitorsThe countdown has started! Time is already running out to complete your home projects before the holidays arrive. So, get your ‘Honey-Do List’ and your Pinterest board ready! Start your projects now to be sure the dust has settled before your holiday visitors arrive. Here are some tips to help you get ready, get the design you want and get it done on time!


First, since this topic is about a fast approaching deadline, let’s start with thinking about the end. When are visitors coming to your home this holiday season? Now, back that up… What date do you need to have your home projects completed to be ready for the visitors? Then, back that up one more time… When do you need to start your projects?? That thought might have lit your fire of urgency, so here we go!

Plan with a Schedule, Design and Budget

A well thought out plan is critical, not only to get your project done, but to how smoothly your project will run along the way. Think about every detail- from the ugly demolition to the pretty things you want to see at the end. Preparing a schedule, your design and a budget will help you to start your project with confidence and be ready for the unexpected that may arise. These 3 important planning tools will be your guide when selecting materials, planning deliveries and preparing for installation.

Gather the facts

Clearly understand where you are coming from and where you are headed in your project. Measure and document what currently exist in the project area before starting. Also, collect your ideas and photos that represent the new design. Create a detailed project list of action items noting who is responsible for each. Always have this information on hand, especially on time-sensitive projects! You will use this valuable information for focused decision-making. Likewise, reviewing the facts of your project will give you an objective look at areas of concern or while creating a design feature.

Take your time to Select Materials

The design ideas in your head (and Pinterest board) become reality when you start making selections for your project. Take time to do some research and educate yourself on the options. Consider care and maintenance, along with price, style and color. Reading reviews might help you make swift decisions that you will be happy with in the end. For good measure, narrow selections down to 2 options you would be happy with; you know, just in case.

Expect the Unexpected

There are always surprises. Whether they’re behind the wall you’ll be knocking down, or the vanity cabinet that just went on back order. Even the smallest projects have many moving parts that can go sideways in the blink of an eye; such as mis-measures, missing parts, and mishandled merchandise. Unexpected delays are manageable when you are prepared to make decisions quickly. Your well thought out plan will keep these potential hiccups from derailing your project.

Need help? Another Opinion LLC can help you with creating a design, preparing a schedule and budget, and making selections for your project. Contact Staci and start now to get your home ready for your holiday visitors!